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Fundraising Events

With a victory over the 2nd years in bowling last Friday, the 1st years have swept all three events of the Fall TOC season.
Well the Assassin game has ended and no surprise, C4C has won another round of TOC points for the first years.
A group of almost 40 students gathered to watch the SuperBowl in assistance of C4C.
The 6th Annual Challenge for Charity Wine Tasting Auction was a huge sucess; the event went off smoothly and everyone had a great time.
By changing up the products offered, the Honor Bar has become very successful for the C4C, giving us proceeds of almost $1000 this first quarter.
Chris Carleson graciously hosted the Halloween Party at his man pad. C4C brought the burgers and beer and overall the event was a great success and we raised $100 for the kids.
Don't miss out: March 9, 2013

Volunteering Events

On January 27th, a group of students went to assist the Boys and Girls Club in Sacramento open their new playground.
In another successful philanthropy induced dopamine/serotonin buzz, the following people donated time at the B&G club and had a great time: Rani, Brent, Christine, Dave, Courtney, James, Jefferson and Matt Robinson.
Courtney, Dave, Elin, Jefferson and Brent went to the B&G Club Wednesday Feb 17.
Today, a group of us went to the Boys and Girls Club. We were all looking forward to interacting with the children and helping them with their homework - though first grade homeworks can be quite intimidating!

The GSMers amassed in full force to volunteer at the Regional Special Olympics Basketball Tournament in Rocklin, a small town north of Sacramento.
Join us when we kick off our newest challenge for charity partner: Habitat for Humanity!  Full day of building and making a difference.  We will provide lunch. 

Coming Soon!