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Are you prepared to kill or be killed? To make alliances? To get "fragged" (military language for utterly and shamefully destroyed)? To wait around the corner or under the sink or in the trunk of a moving vehicle while your target jams out to Celine Dion or something else you absolutely hate, but you do it anyway for rush?

9th Annual WIne Tasting and Auction

Join us: March 9, 2013

Gallagher Hall

Tickets: http://c4cwineevent2013.eventbrite.com/


Please contact one of our board members if you are interested in assisting us.

Thank you.


9th Annual WIne Tasting and Auction

Sample list of Auction items:

Ellen VIP Tickets

Conan VIP Tickets

$50 Gas Card

Monthly Cookie Club

Spit-a-rap-song session with Rich D.

Photography Session with Bonnie Shadle Photography 

Bottle of Mike Li Special Vintage

2 Autographed Vinyl The Avett Brothers Albums.

Haircut at Lush Salon with Rebecca Maggio

Lunch for 3 with Dean Currall

Lone Buffalo Winery Private Tasting with Wine Maker for 8 people.  

Lake Tahoe house for 5 Nights. 

Facial at Cezanne Skin Spa

2 Warriors tickets | March 28th, 2012

Wine, Wine and More Wine!

We will have many great bottles of wine available for bidding!  Bring on the offers.