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Are you prepared to kill or be killed? To make alliances? To get "fragged" (military language for utterly and shamefully destroyed)? To wait around the corner or under the sink or in the trunk of a moving vehicle while your target jams out to Celine Dion or something else you absolutely hate, but you do it anyway for rush?

9th Annual WIne Tasting and Auction

Join us: March 9, 2013

Gallagher Hall

Tickets: http://c4cwineevent2013.eventbrite.com/


Please contact one of our board members if you are interested in assisting us.

Thank you.


Powder Puff Game

Powder Puff Game

Congratulations to the 2nd year ladies for winning the first-ever C4C Powder Puff game!

It was a tough match, but luckily no one went home injured.

Thanks to all those that came to support, along with the fabulous cheerleaders. Way to bring out those skirts 1st year boys!